For the month of August, the Institute will be showcasing the Menu of Initiatives. The Menu is part of our Project TalentNZ and focuses on how best to identify and distribute tools for councils, businesses and communities to design their own unique strategy for creating a talent-based economy. We recognise that each community has its own character, personality and skill set. The Menu is designed like a restaurant menu, where a list of alternative options are provided to discuss and select. In the same way that one cannot choose every meal option, a community cannot implement every initiative on the Menu. The Menu showcases four integrated work-streams – grow, attract, retain and connect.

The TalentNZ project builds on Sir Paul Callaghan’s vision of making New Zealand ‘a place where talent wants to live’. Sir Paul outlined the reasons why his vision is important in a 20-minute video at the Institute’s StrategyNZ workshop in 2011. The focus of the Menu is on the ‘how’ – we are testing Sir Paul’s assumptions and exploring ways New Zealanders might turn this vision into a reality. To learn more see

Tomorrow we will discuss the TalentNZ Ecosystem, and then every day of August the Institute will feature one of the 28 initiatives from the Menu.

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