Each day of August, the Institute will feature one initiative from the TalentNZ Menu of Initiatives. The Menu showcases four integrated work-streams – grow, attract, retain and connect.

Today we are showcasing ‘Grow 7. Seek out a youth voice’. For examples of this initiative, please see the Menu of Initiatives website. If you know of an organisation or initiative that should be included as an example on the website, please email us at talentnz@mcguinnessinstitute.org.


Grow 7. Seek out a youth voice

This is about:

  • Creating a space for youth to learn, reflect, grow and connect with other youth.
  • Challenging youth to deal with the issues facing their communities.
  • Showcasing the voice of youth. Bring their thoughts and ideas to the wider community, testing their assumptions and proposed solutions.
  • Providing feedback in a timely, direct and constructive manner.  For example, ‘This may or may not be appropriate feedback, but you will know whether it is something you want to take away and think about. I think …’
  • Promoting good habits; tell young people that you admire their work ethic rather than saying they are bright. Hard work leads to better work habits and the development of more talents.

About TalentNZ
The Menu of Initiatives is part of our Project TalentNZ and focuses on how best to identify and distribute tools for councils, businesses and communities to design their own unique strategy for creating a talent-based economy. TalentNZ builds on Sir Paul Callaghan’s vision of making New Zealand ‘a place where talent wants to live’. Sir Paul outlined the reasons why his vision is important in a 20-minute video at the Institute’s StrategyNZ workshop in 2011. The focus of the Menu is on the ‘how’ – we are testing Sir Paul’s assumptions and exploring ways New Zealanders might turn this vision into a reality. To learn more about the TalentNZ project see www.talentnz.org.

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