Join Sam Morgan and contributors of the 2013 TalentNZ Journal at the launch of our latest publication – the TalentNZ Menu of Initiatives. The Menu illustrates New Zealand’s talent ecosystem and showcases a broad range of possible initiatives that communities might implement today to create Sir Paul Callaghan’s vision for a flourishing talent-based economy tomorrow.

Our office has been working on the Menu since the TalentNZ Tour in March this year. Drafts of the Menu are currently being reviewed and added to by over 30 councillors from around the country. See the latest version on our website here.  We are working hard to gather a broad range of observations and insights and welcome any  feedback you would like to provide on the latest version.

Join us at the launch of the Menu to take a closer look at these initiatives and connect with others from the TalentNZ network to discuss the ideas further.

Please RSVP to Miranda Voke at by Friday 6 June 2014. Please connect with TalentNZ to receive our TalentNZ newsletters.