TalentNZ explores four integrated work-streams that were identified as necessary to create a talent-based economy: grow, attract, retain and connect. In this Issue we put the New Zealand education system under the microscope. At the Institute, we consider that a broad and deep discussion around changing the shape of our education system is essential, as it will have an immense impact on New Zealand’s success going forward.

In Issue 15 we discuss what the Institute has worked on over the past two months, including the publication of Think Piece 25: The changing purpose of tertiary education and TalentNZ refresh meeting held on 19 May 2016. The newsletter also explores The Family So’otaga project, an initiative by Holy Family Schoolwhich aims to build stronger relationships between the school, teachers, students and whānau. In addition, we outline what we hope to achieve for the project over the next two months – including our upcoming TalentNZ Infographic PosterWe also provide some interesting resources that we have found while researching what others are doing to build a talent-based economy.


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