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Jim is Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago. He is famous for his work on intelligence and in particular the identification of a trend toward increasing IQ scores, known as the Flynn Effect. In 2013 he was invited to give a TED talk in Long Island, California. With his expertise in social science, Jim provides a unique perspective on talent.

Professor James Flynn in his office at Otago University. 24 April 2012 New Zealand Listener Picture by David White.

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The TalentNZ initiative builds on the thinking of Sir Paul Callaghan who envisioned New Zealand as ‘a place where talent wants to live’. Through our Sir Paul Callaghan Science Meets Humanities Scholarship two young scholarship recipients asked 30 Kiwis seven questions, resulting in 210 ideas. The project aims to further the concept of moving New Zealand towards a talent-based economy.

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