With the TalentNZ initiative continuing into 2014 (see the TalentNZ  Tour), the Institute has been looking to share and grow our research and ideas with the wider public. We have recently created a resources page on the McGuinness Institute website which includes articles, books and videos relating to the four key pillars of the TalentNZ initiative: ways to Grow, Attract, Retain and Connect talent. This page will be continually updated as we find new and interesting material relating to the TalentNZ initiative.

If you have any suggestions for resources to include, please email us at talentnz@mcguinnessinstitute.org

The videos included on our resources page are available in playlists on our youtube (see below):

 TalentNZ – Grow Talent

TalentNZ – Attract Talent

TalentNZ – Retain Talent

TalentNZ – Connect Talent