In July 2015 Wendy, Sun and I attended the World Future Society (WFS) conference in San Francisco. Think Piece 23: The Future of Talent: Reflections from the World Future Society Conference discusses the opportunities and challenges for New Zealand going forward, with a focus on the four major trends that were apparent at the World Future Society conference and how they will impact the future of talent:

1. Radical, transformative technological advancement
2. The transition to a post-work society
3. A modern overhaul of education systems
4. Incorporation of foresight and futures thinking into classrooms


The Institute is the World Futures Society’s chapter for New Zealand, and we have spoken at three of the Society’s previous conferences on our overarching project: Project 2058. For the 2015 conference we ran a panel session on Building a Talent Based Economy in New Zealand and discussed what we have learned thus far regarding creating talent-based economies.

You can learn more about this conference on our TalentNZ website.