I was taken by a comment someone made at the World Futures Conference in San Fran that cars have become computers on wheels (e.g. Google’s self-driving cars, self-driving trucks etc.).

This will have a number of implications – here are a few thoughts:

1. Demand for old cars will increase due to those who want:
– privacy (think being able to be off the grid);
– a gadget to tinker with; or
– durability (not vulnerable to sun flares and hacking).

2. Computers will become the key value-add to cars, which means smart technology and coding talent will form a key cost component and will be promoted as the competitive advantage.

3. The way we move people and goods is likely to change significantly, impacting directly on those in the service industry – think school buses, taxis, couriers and milk tankers.

I went to a classic car Grand-Prix in Germany – below are a few photos for the classic car enthusiast.


Europeans call classic cars ‘Oldtimers’


A race with old Jaguars


The latest McLaren car – the company was set up by kiwi Bruce McLaren


The top price at the classic car auction was one million Euros – everyone applauded the buyer!