On Tuesday evening, members of the SF team attended the first of the 2008 season of the 7×7 ideas forum. Each night offers 7 speakers with 7 ideas, and 7 minutes each.  These evenings, (of which there are five in total) are working under the theme of ‘The Big Think: NZ 2008’, with a focus on economic development. Speakers on Tuesday, for the ‘Seven Foundations’ topic, included Rod Oram, Brian Sweeney, Dr Morgan Williams, Dr David Skilling, Dr Brian Easton, Professor Jacqueline Rowarth, and Michael Field.
The presentations were thought-provoking and diverse, despite the short timeframe allotted. Amongst them arose the suggestion for a ‘Pacific Union’, and a strong emphasis on moving our place in the global market from follower to leader.
The 2008 season, organised by SweeneyVesty and Blair Wakefield Projects, continues over the following weeks:

  • Seven Trailblazers – Monday 4 August, 6pm
    Insights from NZ Entrepreneurs in the Global Market
  • Seven Directions – Tuesday 12 August, 6pm
    Bold Steps for Transformation
  • Seven Connections – Monday 18 August, 6pm
    Creating the NZ Powerhouse
  • Seven Imaginations – Tuesday 26 August, 6pm
    Things to do Today

Tickets were almost sold out after the first evening, but if you can find one, we highly recommend jumping at the chance to attend. Wendy, who is currently at the World Future Society conference in Washington D.C, will be speaking on the final evening.  See www.7×7.co.nz for more information, and to purchase tickets head to Ticketek.

Text by Willow Henderson
Photo by Wendy McGuinness