On Monday 30th April, Morning Report talked to investment banker Rob Cameron who asserts that the Government’s efforts to secure public support for the planned asset sales have been a ‘disaster’.

Cameron served as the Chairmen of the Capital Market Development Taskforce, the body which initially recommended the partial sale of assets to boost New Zealand’s share market.

He argues that the Government’s communication strategy regarding the sales has overlooked many of the initial rationales for the sales. By focusing on ‘sorting out our debt’ the Government has failed to convince the public.

Mark Weldon – the departing CEO of NZX and another member of the industry-led taskforce – also notes in this segment that the Treasury has not educated the public on their opportunities to invest in the assets intended for partial sale.

As we have discussed on this blog before, we think the planned partial sale of state assets presents important questions for New Zealand’s future and it is a debate we should all be interested in.

You can listen to the segment in its entirety here.

Posted by: Niki Lomax