The McGuinness Institute has been closely following the developments of the current constitutional review. To this end, the Institute welcomes the recent release of the Constitutional Advisory Panel’s Engagement Strategy, and wishes to advise the public of its upcoming workshop – on 28-29 August we will be holding a two-day workshop at Parliament’s Banquet Hall in the Beehive, hosted by MP Paul Goldsmith.

The workshop will bring together 40 young New Zealanders from all over the country to explore what a constitution for the 21st century could look like. The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate a prescription-free exploration, creating an opportunity to treat the constitution as a blank canvas. Guided by facilitators who are experts in constitutional law, the participants will draft their constitution for the 21st century and present it to Members of Parliament and other interested parties on the final day of the event.

Keynote speakers at the workshop will include historian Dame Claudia Orange, High Court Judge Hon. Justice Joseph Williams, and leading constitutional scholar Professor Philip Joseph.

For more information please read our press release, or visit the EmpowerNZ website. If you are interested in participating, details on how you can get involved in the workshop are available here.