As stated in the previous blog entry, it is now more important than ever to consider the future of Christchurch. Get involved with Magnetic South,  an online idea-generating game designed to help people explore the future together, and ensure your opinions are heard. Join in at from 9am, Friday 24 June to 12pm, Saturday 25 June for an interactive discussion about the Christchurch of the Future. The game has been pushed out a week to give people the space to reflect on the long term future and not just on the recent aftershocks.

There are other initiatives running alongside this event, including ‘Share an Idea’. The final Share an Idea workshop is to be held in Christchurch this week, but you have until Monday 20 June to submit any ideas you want considered about the future of Christchurch. Click here to see kids ideas of what the city would look like if they were in charge.