If you haven’t seen these they are definitely worth a watch:

Two Australian advertising agencies prepared mock ads for a TV programme called The Gruen Transfer (which screens on ABC in Australia on Monday nights) promoting an invasion of New Zealand.

One agency’s approach was to suggest that conquering Aotearoa was a good way to gain a new public holiday, noting that Australians enjoy a beer or six on Anzac Day, Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day but lack a day off later in the year. The invasion, the 30-second ad from the Marmalade agency suggests, could take place this Saturday, be over by lunchtime and allow for a celebratory day off on Monday, to be repeated every year.

The other agency – 303 – pokes fun at the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign, showing green fields, sheep and pristine beaches with labelling about “100% Pure Natural Resources” and “100% Pure Energy Supplies”. The labels then change to “0% Army”, “0% Navy” and “0% Infantry” before footage shows what an invasion of Australian military might would look like.

My conclusion, the second ad is the best and you have to be impressed that the Aussie’s get it….and I have to admit…I love their humour.

Gareth Moore-Jones sent me the ‘Kiwis get their revenge’ and pitch ads against Aussie tourism:


Cheers Wendy