The speeches and presentations at the EmpowerNZ workshop 28-29 August are now all on YouTube. There were some fantastic presentations at the workshop – we would love you all to watch them and share them with your friends and whanau. The constitutional review is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to have a national conversation about what New Zealand needs in the 21st century.

One particular highlight was the facilitators’ 3 minute speeches in response to 8 tough questions posed by Hon Justice Joseph Williams. As you will see, the facilitators did a fantastic job.

1. Dean Knight – How will the constitution help to feed my children?
2. Carwyn Jones – What’s wrong with the constitution we have now anyway?
3. Diane White – Isn’t a constitution something the Americans do?
4. Mihiata Pirini – Aren’t Kiwis too shy to have a flash constitution?
5. Natalie Coates – Why should we trust the judges with a written constitution?
6. Edward Willis – Why should we trust the politicians with an unwritten constitution?
7. Marcelo Rodriquez Ferrere – Are we grown up enough yet to have a real constitution?
8.  Jess Birdsall-Day – Why don’t we do big, hariy, audacious ideas like a written constitution in New Zealand?

There are 24 videos in total and the full playlist can be viewed here.