Yesterday we launched our video project, the Conversations. This series of filmed conversations between eminent New Zealand thinkers was recorded in Wellington in June 2008, and went live on our website yesterday.

Last night, to celebrate the launch, we gathered as many of the ten conversationalists as we could, along with the Sustainable Future team and reflected upon the many ideas and lessons that emerged from the five films. The evening sun lent the whole evening a feeling of the beginning of summer, and the night produced many more conversations.

We hope that over the summer you will take the time to explore these videos- whether you watch them in sections, as a whole, or download the audio files to play as you walk, bike or drive to the beach, we feel that with each conversation there is something for everyone.

We wish to thank the participants: Joris de Bres, Roger Dennis, Dr Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop, Dr Suzi Kerr, Megan Hosking,  Bishop Richard Randerson, Jo Randerson, Professor Jacqueline Rowarth, Justice Joe Williams, and David Young.

We also wish to thank the production team: Jess Feast (director/editor/producer), Cheryl Cameron (co-director), Martyn Williams (lighting/camera/sound), and Rob Appierdo (design)