Through an introduction made by Dr Morgan Williams, I met up with Hardin Tibbs in London for lunch. Hardin is a top futures researcher and strategy consultant, so I was very interested to discuss our plans for a national strategy, in particular how best to pursue Part III of Project 2058, being the strategy component.

Hardin was very positive about our proposed strategy, and suggested a number of innovative ideas about how we can go about its development. My key problem has been how the timeframe of 50 years would translate into the strategy, i.e. does the team at Sustainable Future need to complete many strategies over time or just one. Hardin suggested a solution, which I have since discussed with Morgan (in Wellington). We are hoping to do some more work on the possible solution – putting Hardin’s ideas into practice. Hardin has offered his assistance when we reach the point of strategy development, so we look forward to working with him in the future.