‘Building a Learning World’ Session moderated by British broadcaster Jon Snow, with panelists Rakesh Bharti Mittal from the Bharti Foundation in India, Gabriele Zedlmayer from Hewlett-Packard (HP), Prof. Roberto Carneiro from the Study Center on Peoples and Cultures, Portuguese Catholic University (UCP),  and Prof. Bingqi Xiong from the 21st Century Education Research Center in China. You can watch this session here.
This morning I attended another fascinating session entitled ‘Building a Learning World’. The panelists discussed e-learning and the opportunities new information technology present for education  – with Gabrielle Zedlmayer from Hewlett-Packard saying that technology can make education more immersive, more collaborative, more accessible, and make education an experience. While technology cannot be a substitute for face to face learning – it can be an enabler. I highly recommend viewing this session on the WISE website