This evening the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute will host a presentation at Victoria University on climate change and the opportunities for New Zealand’s economy: ‘Preparing for White  Swans: Climate Change and opportunities for the economy’.

The concept of the ‘black swan’, popularized during the global financial crisis, refers to events that are highly improbable and have a profound effect on our economies and lives. The premise of this  presentation is that climate change can be seen a ‘white swan’; an opportunity to develop resilience and maintain profitability in a situation where, while its impacts are highly uncertain, its occurrence is  not unforeseeable like that of the ‘black swan’.

The presentation will feature Dr Jim Salinger, Professor Caroline Saunders and Rod Oram to explain the impact of climate change on our health, properties, infrastructure and industries. The event will be chaired by Professor David Bibby and is open to the public. With an election only weeks away and both the environment and the economy key issues of debate, this presentation will present a new way of looking at climate change; as a challenge that we as a country need to embrace. You can find out more information about this presentation here.

 4.30pm–6.30pm, Tuesday 1 November

What: New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute Presentation: ‘Preparing for White Swans: Climate Change and opportunities for the economy’

Where: Hunter Council Chamber, Hunter Building, Victoria University, Kelburn Parade