The McGuinness Institute will be running workshop on Wednesday 12 December which will bring together 20 young people to write a ‘Youth Long Term Fiscal Statement for New Zealand’.  We are seeking bright and talented young people with an interest in macroeconomics, finance, public policy and communication to register their interest for this exciting opportunity.

LongTermNZ is a one-day workshop that will follow the two-day conference, Affording our Future being held by the Treasury and Victoria University of Wellington on 10-11 December. Participants will attend the conference, which brings together specialists and commentators to discuss long term fiscal challenges ahead of the Treasury’s next Long-Term Fiscal Statement in 2013. The following day, the participants will create a document that presents the critical issues for New Zealand’s future from a youth perspective.

All costs including flights, accommodation, conference fees, and food will be covered from Sunday evening (9 December) to Wednesday evening (12 December).

If you, or someone you know, is keen to participate – please visit to register your interest.