Since the end of February, the Sustainable Future Institute has been operating under a new name, the McGuinness Institute.  As our Chief Executive, Wendy McGuinness, explains, the new name is reflective of both where our principal funding comes from, and our purpose; namely private funds invested for the public good. The change therefore allows us to be more transparent and better aligned with international best practices.

The decision to change our name was prompted by our increasing awareness of misconceptions concerning the nature of our work, arising from the use of the word ‘sustainable’. The Institute was often perceived to be primarily engaged with progressing environmental issues, however our concerns are more extensive. The work of the McGuinness Institute is broad; we aim to explore New Zealand’s long term future through integrated evidence-based research on social, economic and environmental issues.

The transfer from the Sustainable Future Institute to the McGuinness Institute is currently a work in progress. We appreciate your patience as we work to change our website and social media accounts over the coming weeks.