This week, at 7.30pm each night,TVNZ7 will be airing a five-part finale series about big ideas that could transform New Zealand’s future. Hosted by Tim Wilson and a panel of experts, The Big Idea will tackle ambitious topics inspired by New Zealand’s leading minds.

On Wednesday 27 June, The Big Idea will discuss Sir Paul Callaghan’s idea to create a 100 per cent predator-free New Zealand. This idea was also discussed recently at the Transit of Venus Forum by Nicola Toki, Forest and Bird advocate. You can view her speech at the Forum here.

The full list of episodes are as follows:

Monday: Population 15 million – Should New Zealand stop being a ‘town in a country’ and increase the population – i.e. 15 million people in the next 50 years?

Tuesday: Teach the World to Farm – With looming world food shortages, do New Zealand’s technologies and expertise put it in a unique position to teach the world to feed itself?

Wednesday: Predator-Free New Zealand – An idea proposed by Sir Paul Callaghan. What if we made a concerted effort to eliminate every opossum, rat and mustelid not just from outlying islands, but from the entire country?

Thursday: 100% Solar by 2020 – As the pressure on existing energy sources grows, should we look to an abundant resource virtually untapped, right on our rooftops?

Friday: Selling New Zealand: Do we want to sell ourselves as more than a pretty place where Lord Of The Rings was filmed? What should our unique selling proposition be to take us into the future? And what does ‘brand New Zealand’ really mean?

If you miss any episodes they will be re-airing each night at 11.30pm, then the following afternoon at 4.30pm, and will also be available ondemand.