LongTermNZ: Exploring our long-term fiscal position

10-11 December 2012


The LongTermNZ workshop was a five-day event where 27 young people were brought together to attend the Affording Our Future conference (10-11 December), and then spent three days workshopping the key issues raised at the conference. Teamed with three talented young designers, the group drafted a ‘Youth Statement on New Zealand’s Long-term Fiscal Position’ which put in their own words what they learnt and what they thought other youth in New Zealand need to know.

This initiative is a collaboration between the New Zealand Treasury, Victoria University of Wellington, and the McGuinness Institute. To learn more about the process and methodology of the workshop, see Workshop paper 2014: LongTermNZ: Exploring our long-term fiscal position 

The participants reconvened in April 2013 to present their reflections to the Treasury. The presentation included reactions of youth to the fiscal situation, possible options for the future and strategies for engaging youth.

Workshop Publication

Cover of LongTermNZ 2012 Youth Statement



Speakers and facilitators at the event included:

Group of LongTermNZ participants
  • Professor Bob Buckle
  • Gabriel Makhlouf
  • Geoff Bascand
  • Dr Girol Karacaoglu
  • Professor Chris Cunningham
  • Omar Aziz
  • Professor Ross Guest
  • Professor Michael Belgrave
  • Dr Patrick Nolan
  • Professor Norman Gemmell
  • Professor John Creedy
  • Diana Crossan
  • Dr Susan St John
  • Andrew Coleman
  • MP Paul Goldsmith
  • Becky Prebble
  •  Neil Cribben
  • Professor Nick Mays
  • Colin James
  • Sir Michael Cullen
  • Rt. Hon Simon Upton
  • Chris Laidlaw
  • Andrew Gawith
  • Hon Bill English
  • Dr John Volpe
  • Sam Morgan
  • Gillian McCarthy
  • Angus McBryde
  • Kieran Stowers


LongTermNZ: Jess Booker
11 December 2012, Treasury

LongTermNZ: Participants interview the public
3 April 2013, Wellington

LongTermNZ: Finale presentation
13 December 2012, Treasury

LongTermNZ: Treasury presentation
3 April 2013, Treasury


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