A non-partisan think tank working towards a sustainable future for New Zealand.

The Institute applies hindsight, insight and foresight to explore major challenges and opportunities facing New Zealand over the long term.

Latest Working Paper

Working Paper 2018/03 – Analysis of Climate Change Reporting in the Public and Private Sectors

The McGuinness Institute has recently undertaken an analysis of climate change reporting in the public and private sectors. The working paper is published here

Latest Research

The 2017 Extended External Reporting SurveysWorking Paper 2018/01: NZSX-listed company tables and other supporting publications are now available. For more information, visit the ReportingNZ website.

The 2017 Extended External Reporting Surveys (in collaboration with the External Reporting Board [XRB]) aim to contribute to the global conversation on how to improve the quality of Extended External Reporting (EER) by looking at the challenges and opportunities that exist in New Zealand. The accompanying reports were prepared with the objective to find insights in the surveys and communicate findings. View here.

Working Paper 2018/01:NZSX-listed company tables (in collaboration with BDO) aims to explore the current EER practices and provide context to the Users’ Survey and Preparers’ Survey. View here.

Latest Publications

Newsletter: McGuinness Institute Annual Newsletter – Issue 19

Workshop booklet: WakaNZ Navigating with Foresight

Proposal: Proposal to MSD’s The Generator

Working Paper: Supporting Paper 2018/01 – Methodology for Working Paper 2018/01

Working Paper: Working Paper 2018/01 – NZSX-listed company tables

Press Release: New Zealand Reporting gap found in new research (13 March 2018)

Survey: Survey Highlights: A summary of the 2017 Extended External Reporting Surveys

Survey: Survey Insights: An analysis of the 2017 Extended External Reporting Surveys

Think Piece 29

Think Piece 29 – Civics and Citizenship in New Zealand: A case for change? summarises the findings outlined in the November 2017 Policy Quarterly article and includes updated data from the 2017 election. Read the think piece here.

Latest Blog Post

On Tuesday 26 June, 15 Masters in policy and governance students from the University of Canterbury visited the Institute to talk to Wendy about her work in politics, governance and policy. Read more about the visit in our blog post

Nation Dates

‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme’  is a quote often attributed to Mark Twain, and best fits our intentions for the launch of our third edition of Nation Dates. The third edition contains 655 significant events that have shaped the nation of New Zealand. Copies of Nation Dates are available on our online store or at your local bookshop for $35.

Work Programme

See the Institute’s work programme for 2018 here.


The annual McGuinness Institute newsletter focuses solely on the work programme. It shares our journey since the last newsletter and what we hope to achieve over the next year.

Policy Projects

As a result of our observation that foresight drives strategy, strategy requires reporting, and reporting shapes foresight, we have developed three interlinking policy projects: ForesightNZ, StrategyNZ and ReportingNZ.

Research Projects

These diverse topics represent areas where New Zealand has the potential to bring about meaningful change. How New Zealand responds to these issues will shape our public policy landscape for generations to come.


The Institute facilitates workshops on public policy issues that are strategic, complex, and long-term in nature. Learn more.

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