A non-partisan think tank working towards a sustainable future for New Zealand.

The Institute applies hindsight, insight and foresight to explore major challenges and opportunities facing New Zealand over the long term. The purpose is to engage early with significant issues so that public policy is best positioned to respond and adapt to these evolving challenges and opportunities. Note: We are currently transitioning to our new website.

Upcoming Workshop

The McGuinness Institute’s TacklingPovertyNZ workshop is on tour – our next stop is the Far North District. We are heading to Kaitaia on Thursday, 15 September 2016 and Kaikohe on Friday, 16  September 2016.

The workshop tour was sparked by the national TacklingPovertyNZ workshop held in December 2015, an initiative of the McGuinness Institute in collaboration with the New Zealand Treasury.

Kaitaia location: Te Ahu, Corner Matthews Ave & South Road – register here

Kaikohe location: Kaikohe Memorial Hall, Memorial Ave – register here


Work Programme

Think Piece

Think Piece 25: The changing purpose of tertiary education (May 2016)

Latest Publications

Infographics: Lines within New Zealand

Working Paper 2016/02: New Zealand King Salmon: A financial perspective

Working Paper 2016/01: History of strategy stewardship in the New Zealand public service 1980-2016

Discussion Paper 2016/01: A Queenstown Lakes District perspective on tackling poverty

Infographics: Timeline of strategy stewardship in the New Zealand public service, 1980–2016

Infographics: Timeline of significant events in the history of education in New Zealand, 1867–2014


The Institute publishes three newsletters. The overarching newsletter showcases the work of the Institute and is produced twice a year – it outlines what has happened and what we hope to achieve over the next six months. The other two newsletters are research project based, and are published every few months to show and illustrate the narrative and actions happening broadly in New Zealand – see the TalentNZ and TacklingPovertyNZ projects for more information.

McGuinness Institute Newsletter

The twice-yearly McGuinness Institute newsletter focuses solely on the work programme. The first newsletter of the year sets out the plan for the 12 months, while the second newsletter provides an update.

TalentNZ Newsletter

The latest issue focuses on a refresh of the Menu of Initiatives, showcases our new TalentNZ Infographic Poster, gives an update on The Family So’otaga project and puts Manawatu’s ‘Talent Central’ in the spotlight.

TacklingPovertyNZ Newsletter

The two-monthly TacklingPovertyNZ newsletter focuses on the progress of the TacklingPovertyNZ tour and shares what the Institute and others are doing to bring about positive change in New Zealand communities.

Policy Projects

As a result of our observation that foresight drives strategy, strategy requires reporting, and reporting shapes foresight, we have developed three interlinking policy projects: ForesightNZ, StrategyNZ and ReportingNZ.

Research Projects

These diverse topics represent areas where New Zealand has the potential to bring about meaningful change. How New Zealand responds to these issues will shape our public policy landscape for generations to come.


The Institute facilitates workshops on public policy issues that are strategic, complex, and long-term in nature. Learn more.

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